The Project

In November 2012, RLB became the lead investor in the startup company, SocialCentiv. 

SocialCentiv is a direct marketing company, based in Dallas, Texas, that that uses a unique mix of social media, content marketing, incentive-based rewards, marketing automation, and pay-per-click to connect businesses to consumers in real-time. 

SocialCentiv has developed, patented and deployed a unique softwares that recreate 1-to-1 marketing on a mass scale to help businesses actively reach, engage and reward consumers. With a variety of features, the technology is applicable to DIY small-to-medium sized business as well as large multi-national brands. 

SocialCentiv has received great accolades from various publications, including but not limited to Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and AdWeek for the engagement value that it brings to businesses, small and large alike, such as DunkinDonuts and Papa Johns. 

The Benefit

Through this partnership, RLB participates in the development of a cutting-edge technology that redefines communication between companies and the consumer. 

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