SolutionPoint international

SolutionPoint International

The Project

On October 1, 2011, Ray was nominated to be a member of the Board of Directors of Solution Point International (SPI). RLB became an equity partner in SPI in August 2012. 

Solution Point International provides an integrated array of business intelligence, security and compliance, identity assurance and situational awareness solutions. Under SolutionPoint’s management are the following three companies: Bode Technology; NSM Surveillance; and Guidepost Solutions. SolutionPoint is headquartered in New York, NY, and maintains offices and facilities in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Palm Beach, FL, Chicago, IL, Dallas (Carrollton), TX, Lorton, VA, and London, UK. 

Details of each company are provided below. 

The Benefit

Through this partnership RLB helps provide professional services and state of the art products to our law enforcement community, both domestically and abroad.

SolutionPoint Companies:

Bode TechnologyGuidepostNSM Surveillance

Bode Technology

Bode Technology Group, Inc. serves the law enforcement and identification markets and is unique in providing both state-of-the-art human DNA analysis and innovative DNA collection products. The range of Bode’s services include diverse offerings such as high throughput DNA testing services, casework analysis, missing person identification, private and CODIS databanking of convicted offenders or arrestees, as well as paternity and non-forensic identification.

Our patented DNA collection systems are in use worldwide for collections of DNA from convicted offenders and arrestees, from crime scenes, as well as from parents and children for genealogy and identification services. Our analysts and our research and development teams are constantly looking for better ways to bring previously unused approaches and technologies into the labs for routine use for analysis of challenging samples—be it bones or aged, decayed tissue. On the strength and experience of our research and development teams and casework analysts, Bode is able to offer worldwide DNA analysis services, consulting, training, and validation services on a customized basis.


Guidepost Solutions, LLC is a global leader in monitoring, compliance, international investigations, and risk management solutions. We help companies, government agencies, individuals, and their counsel solve problems, mitigate risks and resolve disputes, among many other services. Our team includes former federal prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and others with proven backgrounds in the security, investigations, intelligence, law enforcement and public safety communities. Described by the New York Times as the person “often sought out in…thorny situations,” Chairman Bart Schwartz leads Guidepost’s team of professionals and contributes his expertise providing advice and support to corporations, governments and individuals to all of Guidepost’s engagements.

Our solutions protect lives, assets and reputations, and our Technology Design Consulting (TDC) practice provides advice, selection, implementation, and oversight of physical security and life safety systems. Guidepost has offices in New York, Washington, Dallas, San Francisco, Oakland, Denver, Chicago and London, as well as resources and engagements across the globe.

NSM Surveillance

NSM Surveillance provides state-of-the-art surveillance solutions to the Law Enforcement, Federal Agency and Military communities. NSMS develops and integrates the most effective surveillance and sensor system solutions to provide situational awareness to the war fights, the investigator, the commander and/or senior leadership to enable effective tactics and decision-making. Our solutions incorporate both owned-IP and third-party technology, including secure communications (microwave, satellite), mobile surveillance systems, command & control software and covert camera systems.e DNA analysis services, consulting, training, and validation services on a customized basis.