Southern Tier Logistics Business Park

The Holding

Located right across the Pennsylvania state line in Horseheads, NY, STL Business Park aims to provide a home for warehousing and manufacturing. The site provides companies with top tier logistics support and management from partner Ohio Logistics.

Designed to become an inland port the business park can provide much lower prices than seaside warehousing and is right on the rail line for easy transfer from ships and distribution to the region.

The site area totals 190 acres with 620,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse space currently. A newly constructed 461,000 storage facility is the first of 4 planned of that size and is actively adding tenants. Currently the terminal employs 180 people from the local area and through robust community planning for the Horseheads region the park aims to improve the local economy and integrate into the Horseheads region to bring jobs and companies to the area.

The Benefit

Through this partnership, RLB demonstrates its commitment to improving an industry which can provide our nation with, not only a smaller carbon footprint, but also energy independence.